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Anti Stress Balls & Cubes

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Anti stress balls

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The Anti-Stress Ball is used to relieve pain or tension which most of the times occurs in overloaded office works or at the old age. So we’re here to help you out by providing theseStress Reliever Balls that can refresh you in minutes. You can have these Custom Pain Reliever Balls in eight different colors including pitch black, ashy silver and white. The size of this Stress Reliever Ball is about 7cm that equally fits in the palm. They can be presented to employees and clients as promotional gifts. These Promotional Stress Balls are the third most popular promotional gifts that means creating your logo on them would be worth a shot, so stop worrying we can provide you our skillful printing option to create your logo on it that will help you to promote your brand.

Printing Option: “Screen Printing”

Anti-Stress Cubes

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Sometimes we feel like tearing the pillow apart when we’re angry or we’ve headache which are simple example of taking tension. Nowadays everyone is stressed out due to hectic routine but to avoid these small illnesses related to stress one got to deal with it somehow. We’re providing you our Cubic Anti-Stress Ball that can release your pain without any frustration just by squeezing it. This Pain Relieve Ball has a size of 5.3cm that easily fits in your palm and comes in five different colors including pure white and pitch black. ThisCustomized Anti-Stress Ball is great for advertising your brand as it can be printed through our mastered screen printing method to print your company’s logo. Printing can be on the top of these Stress Relievers for a better visibility. These Whole Sale Stress Relieve Ballshave not just amazing quality but have also an affordable price

Printing Option: “Screen Printing”

New Anti Stress Ball – White Colour

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AntiStress Ball is a soft toy which is squeezed in the hand by the fingers to help relieve stress and muscle tension. For elderly people the old age depression is the foremost sickness of all so to have a relief from that one should be busy with something like an anti-stress ball. This Stress Reliever Ball has a cylindrical shape with the size of 7.5cm. You can find it in a pure white color made of a good quality rubber material. Besides Custom Anti-Stress Ball works as a reliever it can also be used as a promoting purpose by creating your logo on it through our different printing option. You can create your logo on the top of these Whole Sale Stress Relievers for a better visibility for branding.

Printing Option: “Full Color UV Printing and Screen Printing”


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